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You will love Business Credit New York because we’re all about bagging you money. We help you set up a credible business and build your business credit score. We help you access credit lines and loans based on your business’s strengths, unlike the Big Banking Boys, who don’t always see the broader picture. But, more than that, we are committed to helping you succeed! Here is how we propose to do that……


Personal Finance Officer - helps you get funding.

Our ‘personal touch’ is the first thing you’ll get from Business Credit New York.  As soon as you decide to engage us, you’ll be introduced to your own personal Finance Officer, who will work hand in hand with you to create your business’s unique financial fingerprint.  This ‘fingerprint’ will list all the funding options your business qualifies for. Your ‘fingerprint’ also plots out the steps to help you get more loans and credit lines in the future. You choose the funding you want, and we’ll handle the rest.  Once we know what option you would like, our team approaches the relevant investors and lenders to start the loan process.

We’ll hold your hand through the entire funding procedure – not just helping you get approved but also negotiating the best rates and terms until your money is in the bank. We’ll also make it easier for you to know how to improve your business credit profile.

We make raising capital easy.

Banks are the first place most people will go for a business loan, but it’s not always as easy as they’d hoped when it comes to being approved. Less strictly regulated are the private lending institutions, which also offer greater flexibility.  However, these alternative lenders typically have their own unique set of qualifying requirements, like a good credit score, additional collateral, annual revenue, and an updated business plan. This can become a drain and affect the amount of money you’ll qualify for.  Some only offer limited funding programs which are often not enough for the company’s needs.

At Business Credit New York, we have the inside knowledge and necessary professional connections to make raising capital as easy as A-B-C.  We offer funding through hundreds of investors and private lending institutions through a huge selection of different funding programs. You don’t have to battle your way through this alone.  Business Credit New York is here to help. Team up with us, and you will learn how to get a credit line or business loan:

  • With zero Assets to Pledge as Collateral
  • With zero Revenue
  • Regardless of Personal Credit Score

Our numerous legitimate capital providers, and the wide range of loans and credit lines on offer, often enable us to gain approval for multiple loan options for you, thereby maximizing the amount of capital you will receive.

We build your business credibility

At Business Credit New York, we are passionate about helping you secure business funding.  We know exactly what criteria lenders are looking for. One of the many helpful things we’ll do is ensure that your business is set up correctly.  For example, it’s good for any small business owner to set up their business as an LLC (Limited Liability Company).  This means that none of its members can be held personally liable for any of the company’s debts.  If you have chosen to go this route, we’ll make 100% sure that your LLC is adequately done before applying for any funding.  This is to ensure that the members of your company are protected in the event of a claim.

Your EIN is paramount, and having a DUNS number is a great advantage.  At Business Credit New York, we make sure your business is set up correctly at every possible level and that all your ducks are in a row.

We help you get loans and credit lines

We aim to help entrepreneurs and small business owners obtain loans, credit lines, and business credit. We help you set up a plausible business and build your credit profile and score by arranging credit for your EIN without linking it to your SSN. Our extensive directory of registered lenders and investors ensures that you will have access to many different loan options and credit lines.  Because these funds are released on your business’s strengths, unlike most traditional bank funds, it is easier to gain approval even when the Big Banking Boys decline your application.

At Business Credit New York, we offer you a golden business opportunity to provide business financing and credit to your own customers through our turnkey platform.  We provide training for both you and your clients and advertising resources and technology. We don’t just “do it for you”; we also teach you how to “do it for yourself” and others.

We tell you which vendor accounts build business credit

At Business Credit New York, we know how to simplify things for you to get loan approval. We will help you build your credit rating in the most effective ways. Even though you can pay cash for smaller items, it is sometimes better to open a Net-30 or Net-15. This means that you purchase goods from a company that reports to a commercial credit organization, and you “buy now, pay later.” It’s not easy to get a loan if you don’t have any credit.  Most money lenders want to see that you are responsible and reliable when paying your accounts. So they’ll want to see records of your financial obligations and how you meet them.

A Net-30 account gives you 30 days to pay your bill in full, whereas a Net-15 account allows you 15 days to settle your vendor credit. By paying on time, you will build credit references that can help boost your business credit scores and allow you to qualify for other small business loans.

We improve your fundability

“Fundability” is a word that is probably becoming very familiar to you as a business owner.

It means the propensity of your business to get finance.  Many characteristics are the deciding factor in whether you obtain funding or not.  The elements determining whether your particular project is financed are known as “fundable ideas.”

At Business Credit New York, we know which ideas have the highest likelihood of winning an investor or getting funded successfully.

At the end of the day, fundability goes hand in hand with great ideas; and we know precisely which kind of ideas investors find appealing.

We give the best advice about SIC and NAICS codes

A SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Code is a four-digit numerical code issued by the U.S. government to businesses to define the principal pursuit of that business.  It is part of a business classification system that symbolizes the type of industry a company is in. Banks, other lenders, and business credit reporting organizations use these systems to ascertain whether your business is a possible risk or a high-risk industry.  Your loan application could be denied just because of your business classification.

In fact, some SIC codes lower the credit limits for your company, and some even get you automatically turned down or cause your repayments to be higher.  This means that business funding is much more challenging to get. At Business Credit New York, we know which SIC codes and NAICS codes are conducive to getting you the finance you need. It does happen that some business owners choose the wrong SIC code for their company, causing them to be assigned to a high-risk category, which in turn affects their ability to get credit. In the event of that happening, we know how to change your SIC code to get maximum positive results.

We can get you business credit cards with EIN only.

Perhaps you weren’t aware that getting a business credit card without using your SSN is possible.  However, the acceptability provisions are incredibly rigid.

There are two main reasons people to keep business and personal finances apart.  The first is that your credit rating does not affect your chances of approval.  Second, your business credit card activity could appear on your credit report, which means that your business transactions could damage your credit score.

At Business Credit New York, we know all the ins and outs of getting you business credit cards without having to divulge your SSN.  

We provide alternative lenders

We have a long list of approved and registered credit providers at our disposal – if you get turned down by one, no worries!  We will just move on to the next one until you get a “yes.”


Let me summarize what Business Credit New York can do for you.

Business Credit New York is your key to running a smooth and successful business!


If you’re a savvy business owner (which I’m sure you are), you won’t just jump at the first advertisement you see. You’ll want to investigate further. Here are a few resources that we at Business Credit New York have provided for your information. I’m sure you’ll want to read up on the challenges small business owners face when seeking credit, and this might help you make up your mind to seek our assistance.  Once a few places have turned you down, you will realize the value of engaging us to pre-empt any obstacles you might face. This way, you won’t be affected by unnecessary delays in getting the funding you need.  Let us deal with the tedious, burdensome credit business so you can get down to your business. Contact us now for help with all things business-credit-related.